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Center of General Education, Shih-Chien University
Website: http://ge.usc.edu.tw
Tel: (02)25381111 ext. 1701
Fax:(02)25381111 ext. 1703

Shih-Chien University (USC) has been presenting its school philosophy "li-xiang-shih-chien, xiu-qi-zhi-ping”, which is an old Chinese saying, means turn the knowledge into practice; improve upon yourself first, then manage your family, then govern your state; that is the only way to bring justice and virtue to the world. This is the reason we named our university as “Shih-Chien”to anticipate our students and lecturers not only stress on the essence of theory but also the importance of practice. For manifest the significance of general education.

Our approaches focus on the coherence of  "turn knowledge into practice”and the core value of  "learning from practicing”, in addition to implement the school motto, our features are to strengthen "self-learning”and“student-centered learning”in respect of teaching contents and methods. To interpret the freedom and plentiful values which shall be included in General Education, we encourage our students to“learn as much as you can”and offer them the opportunity to feedback proactively on learning process and learning achievement. It is expected to internalize learning results to the core value and potential of serving society in the coming future.

Under the guideline of our school philosophy“put knowledge into practice and been creative toward perfection”, we built up our goal of General Education to:

  1. Develop the capability to become one who can adapt well to the environment.
  2. Develop the capability to become one who can solve properly the problem.
  3. Develop the capability to become one who can be honest and behave appreciated.

We have ambitions to implement the spirit of General Education, which was demonstrated in ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle's Politics: "Train broadly”and“Develop equivalently” instead of limited specialization, therefore the students will not be educated as merely a rigid learner and we believe this is so-called General Education.