RankNameHighest degreeE-mail
Associate Professor Yin-Ling ChangPh.D TESOL, Department of English, National Chengchi UniversityEmailyling@g2.usc.edu.tw
LecturerHsiao-Tsui Yang Master of Arts, Division of English As A Second Language University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.Emailyhtb@g2.usc.edu.tw
Assistant Professor Yu-Ching LiMaster of Department of Japanese and Culture, Soochow UniversityEmailyuching@g2.usc.edu.tw
LecturerYi-Ling WuPh.D., Candidate, Department of Philosophy, Fu Jen UniversityEmailylwu@g2.usc.edu.tw
Assistant Professor Emailwsshieh@g2.usc.edu.tw
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